Student Trip Reporting Directions

Pursuant to the Clery Act, Middlebury College  is required to disclose on an annual basis certain reported crime statistics that occur during College sponsored / arranged domestic and international student trips. Community members who are administratively responsible for domestic and international student trips are expected to report student trip information to the Middlebury College Department of Public Safety.

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When are Trips Reportable?

Not all student trips need be reported. For trips to be reportable, student trips must meet certain requirements. The College must have control over the trip or program accommodation and any related academic space used in conjunction with the trip.  Control, as defined by the Clery Act, means that there is a written agreement (no matter how informal) directly between the College and the end provider for use of the space.  In addition, the controlled space must be used in direct support of, or in relation to, the institution’s educational purposes and frequented by students.

Some examples of a written agreement include renting hotel rooms, leasing apartments, leasing space in a student housing facility or an agreement to use space for academic purposes even if the agreement is only an e-mail exchange.

How is The Trip Information Used?

The Department of Public Safety will use the information to contact law enforcement agencies in the area of each trip and request any reported Clery crime statistics at the location during the time frame of the student trip.        

 If you have any questions on whether your trip or program should be reported, please contact the Director of Public Safety Lisa Burchard at 802-443-5201 or email at

For athletic trips, you will need to fill out the Clery Trip Compliance Spreadsheet to detail your trips.   Contact the Athletic Director for the Clery Trip Compliance Spreadsheet.