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Lockout Services - General Information

The Department of Public Safety may be able to provide access to buildings or spaces when a person becomes locked out.  In order to protect the privacy and security of a space, the owner or person responsible for the space must be present.

Academic Building Lockout

Department heads or department assistants are the primary contacts for lockouts in academic spaces. If no one is available, Public Safety will allow a faculty or staff member into their assigned space only. The Department is unable to allow students or others who are not assigned to that space access to locked academic areas without permission from the owner. Identification will be requested.

Residence Hall Lockouts

Any student who is locked out of their room, or has lost their key, is asked to come to the Access and Parking Office located at the Department of Public Safety and pick up a loaner key. If the student cannot come to the Access and Parking Office, a Public Safety Officer can open the room for him/her. The first time an officer lets a student into his/her room there is no fee. Any additional assists will result in the student being charged a $10.00 lockout fee. Officers will request identification before allowing access to any residential room.

Note: When residence halls are closed for the holiday break, Public Safety will not be able to provide access unless the student is on the approved list from the commons deans.

Rooms/Buildings for Events

Certain rooms (ex. lecture halls) and buildings are approved for after-hour events; arrangements must be made with the Department of Event Management.  If Public Safety receives a room reservation request, or request form, an officer will open spaces for events.  Areas which are not reserved will not be opened.


Classrooms are under the control of particular departments.  Public Safety generally does not unlock (or lock) all classrooms. Some rooms have specific equipment that requires them to be locked and unlocked by the department; other classrooms are typically open.  Department chairs or assistants should be contacted to access locked rooms.

Motor Vehicles

Public Safety has tools that may provide access to locked motor vehicles. However, there is no guarantee that a vehicle can be opened. The person requesting the lockout must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle and must sign a waiver before Public Safety can attempt to open it.

Note: Public Safety's tools will not open trunks; they only work on the passenger area of a vehicle