Midd Rides FAQ's

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How do I get a ride?

Call Midd Rides at (802) 443-7433

How long do I have to wait for a ride?

Typically, you will receive a ride within 15 minutes of calling.  On busy nights, your ride may take up to an hour.

Why hasn't my ride come?

Things get busy and vans get backed up. Please be patient.

Why isn't anyone picking up the phone when I call the Midd Rides line?

On occasion, the Midd Rides dispatcher might be absent because he or she is sick or unavailable.  Please be patient because the Midd Rides drivers should still be circulating around campus according to the Midd Rides route.

Can I be kicked off Midd Rides

Absolutely.  Employees in the field may kick you off if you are being disruptive or refuse to cooperate with their instructions or Midd Rides rules.

Can I file a complaint?

Yes. Simply email middrides@middlebury.edu with the subject line "Complaint".  The Midd Rides supervisor will read your complaint and respond to it as deemed appropriate.