Sign-out Items

Public Safety has equipment that can be signed out for student, faculty or staff use.  Each item can be signed out for one hour. You will be required to present your ID card or driver's license. Items not returned after 48 hours will be incur a replacement fee.

  • Snow Shovel
  • Engraver

Bike Lock Removal

Public Safety officers can remove some types of bike locks upon request. Kryptonite locks are not able to be removed as specialized equipment is required.  Proof of ownership is required for unregistered bicycles.

Lost & Found

Stolen Items: If you believe one of your possessions was stolen, please contact the Department of Public Safety to file a report.

Locating lost items:

Currently, there is not a single location for all Lost & Found items.  The information below may help in recovering your lost item.

If you have accidentally left an item in a specific room or area, your best bet for locating it is to first check the area thoroughly.  If your item was lost in a dining hall or cash op (i.e. the Grille, Wilson Cafe, etc...), ask the staff in that area as each dining hall may have their own lost and found.  If the item was lost in an academic space, ask one of the staff or faculty members with an office in that building if there is a designated location for lost & found.  Many buildings designate a coordinator or receptionist to hold items.

There are several designated Lost & Found locations on campus:

  • Library Circulation Desks (Main [x2000] & Armstrong [x5449] Libraries)
  • Kenyon Front Desk at the Athletics Complex (5250)
  • Box Office at the Mahaney Center for the Arts
  • Starr Axinn Center - office of Renee Brown (Rm 243)
  • McCardell Bicentennial Hall - office of Kathy Ekstrom (Rm 330)
  • Twilight Hall - office of Trish Dougherty (Rm 202)
  • Individual Commons Offices
    • Atwater (x3310)
    • Brainerd (x3320)
    • Cook (x3330)
    • Ross (x3340)
    • Wonnacott (x3350)
  • Department of Public Safety: Valuables such as jewelry, cameras, ipods, cell phones, wallets, keys, & identification are secured within the Public Safety office.  Please ask at the counter for assistance.
  • Facilities Services (x5472 - Custodial Services and Buildings & Grounds) may also be a good resource for locating lost items..

Tips for Increasing Recovery

If a lost item is turned in to Public Safety, and the owner can be identified, an e-mail will be sent notifying him/her that it has been found and should be promptly retrieved.  To increase the chance that a lost item is returned, please consider some of the following tips:

  • Cell phones: make sure that "Mom", "Dad", and/or "Home" are programmed in the address book, as this will allow us to contact a parent or other relative to determine the rightful owner.  Also, if you stop at Public Safety bring the cell phone charger with you.  Often times, cell phones are turned in with a very low or dead battery.  Powering up a phone is often necessary to verify ownership.
  • iPods: have your name engraved on the back and make sure that your contact information is stored in the iPod's owner information.
  • Flash drives (or other external hard drives): save a file called "owner information.txt" or "owner info.doc" with some basic information.

Check in from time to time with the Public Safety Office as it may take a few days (or even weeks) for other departments to deliver lost & found items to DPS.  Often times they will hang onto items for a while as they are the closest location to where the item was originally lost.