Transports & Escorts

Medical Transports

The Department of Public Safety provides transportation for immediate but non-emergency (illness, injury) transportation for students to the Parton Health Center in Centeno House, 136 South Main Street during their business hours, and to Porter Hospital after hours. Students exhibiting signs of illness may be required to wear a mask and to sanitize hands before transport.

Emergency transportation is provided by the Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services.

To arrange non-emergency medical transport to the Health Center or Porter Hospital, please call x5133. If it is an emergency, dial 911. If you reside off campus and are in need of emergency medical assistance you can call Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services directly at 388-3333 or call 911.

Students must find their own transportation to medical appointments and to pick up prescriptions at other off campus locations.

Safety Escorts

Public Safety officers on patrol will provide to students walking or crusier safety escorts to and from on-campus locations during the hours of darkness when personal safety is a concern.