Threat Assessment & Management Team

The Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Team is appointed by the President of Middlebury College and is responsible in part for:

  • receiving reports and gathering and analyzing information regarding acts of violence, behavior of concern or statements and/or potential threats posed by individual(s); 
  • developing, implementing, and monitoring intervention strategies and management plans, which are designed to respond appropriately to statements, behavior and/or circumstances that generate concern that an individual may pose a risk of harm to a member of the College community, including but not limited to, incidents of violence, threatening behavior or statements, unwanted pursuit, stalking, and harassment;
  • and coordinating with appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, medical personnel, and other outside agencies, as appropriate.

Individuals may make a report to any member of the Threat Assessment and Management Team:

Department of Public Safety

Lisa Burchard
Associate Dean of the College, Director of Public Safety

Dan Gaiotti
Associate Director of Public Safety

Melody Perkins
Associate Director of Public Safety

Chris Thompson

Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of the College

Katy Smith Abbott
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College

Sue Ritter
Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Office of Human Resources

Laura Carotenuto
Manager of Employee Relations

Cheryl Mullins
Director of Human Resources

Parton Center for Health and Wellness

Gus Jordan
Executive Director Health and Counseling

Ximena Mejia
Counseling Services

Academic Affairs

Andrea Lloyd
Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty


Sarah Ray
Director of Public Affairs

Library & Information Services

Chris Norris
ITS Director, ISI

Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Bread Loaf Programs

Beth Karnes Keefe
Associate Dean of Language Schools

The Director of Public Safety serves as the chair of the Threat Assessment and Management Team and, in consultation with other College officials as appropriate, will assess the reported information and determine whether to convene the TAM Team.