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Threat Assessment & Management Team

The Chief Risk Officer appoints the members of the Vermont TAM and names its chair, and appoints new or different team members as necessary; the VPAA/Dean of the Institute appoints the members of the Institute TAM.  Each TAM is advisory and makes recommendations to the appropriate office in the programs for which it is responsible. 

The Vermont TAM is chaired by the Director of Public Safety, and ordinarily consists of representatives (or their designees) from the Department of Public Safety, Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College Office, Office of the Chief Risk Officer, Human Resources, and a clinical psychologist from the Parton Center for Health and Wellness. 

The Institute TAM is co-chaired by the Associate Dean of Student Services and the Executive Assistant to the Vice President. Ordinarily, the Institute TAM consists of representatives from Advising, Career, Student Services, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, Communications, the Institute campus security, and the VP’s office.

Individuals may make a report to any member of the Threat Assessment and Management Team:

Vermont TAM 

Lisa Burchard, TAM Chair
Associate Dean of the College, Director of Public Safety

Dan Gaiotti
Associate Director of Public Safety

Andrea Lloyd (or designee)
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty

Baishakhi Taylor
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of the College

Karen Miller (or designee)
Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Risk Officer

Cheryl Mullins
Director of Human Resources

Laura Carotenuto
Manager of Employee Relations

Gus Jordan
Executive Director, Parton Center for Health & Wellness

California TAM 

Ashley Arrocha, TAM Co-chair
Associate Dean of Student Services

Barbara Burke, TAM Co-Chair
Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Betcie Daniels
Campus Security Manager

John Grunder
Director of Information Technology Services

Rebecca Henriksen
Dean of Enrollment, Advising, and Student Services

Michael Ulibarri
Human Resources Manager

Jason Warburg
Executive Director of Communications

Middlebury’s General Counsel serves as an adviser to both TAMs, and is expected to attend regular as well as ad hoc meetings.

Members of the TAM are identified by name and position here, in Middlebury's Threat Assessment & Response Policy, and in other Middlebury publications, as appropriate. Other Middlebury personnel and outside resources with relevant areas of specialization and responsibility may be called upon to assist the TAM, including but not limited to Commons deans, supervisors, law enforcement agencies, medical personnel, or other outside experts.  Both TAM teams follow these Guidelines. The Office of the President will be kept apprised of the Team’s work as appropriate.