1098T Tuition Statement

Changes to the 2018 1098T Reporting:

In previous years, your Form 1098-T included a figure in Box 2 that represented the qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) we billed to your student account for the calendar (tax) year. Due to a change to institutional reporting requirements under federal law, beginning with tax year 2018, total amount of payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses from all sources will be reported in Box 1.

Depending on your income (or your family’s income, if you are a dependent), whether you were considered full or half-time enrolled, and the amount of your qualified educational expenses for the year, you may be eligible for a federal education tax credit. (You can find detailed information about claiming education tax credits in https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p970.pdf.

The dollar amounts reported on your Form 1098-T may assist you in completing IRS Form 8863 – the form used for calculating the education tax credits that a taxpayer may claim as part of your tax return.

Middlebury does not provide personal tax advice, but should you have questions, you should seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.

For more information about Form 1098-T, visit https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p5197.pdf.

Access your Form after January 31: www.tsc1098t.com

You will need the following information:

SITE ID: 11486


TEMP PASSWORD: Last four digits of SSN

1098T FAQ

What is Form 1098T?

Colleges and universities are required by U.S. law each year to provide U.S. persons Form 1098T.  This informational form assists families in calculating any education tax credit or deduction for which they may be eligible to claim based on amounts spent for education in a given calendar year.  To learn more about education credits see IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

You are considered a U.S. person if you are:

  • A U.S. citizen, or
  • A lawful U.S. permanent resident, or
  • A resident alien for tax purposes
What is included in Box 1?

The IRS requires that Middlebury complete Box 1. Box 2 is intentionally left blank. Box 1 contains the total amount of payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses from all sources (e.g. 529 plans, personal payments, student and parent loans, grants, scholarships..etc.)during the calendar year

Do I need to provide Middlebury with my Social Security Number (SSN)?

Yes.  The Registrar's Office maintains your official record.  If you did not initially supply your SSN on your admission application you should update your student record.

Why is there not an amount in Box 2?

The IRS requires that Middlebury complete Box 1. Box 2 is intentionally left blank. The IRS no longer gives the option of reporting amounts billed.

I am a parent and need a copy of my student’s Form 1098-T. How do I obtain one?

Parents must request this form from their student. The College is unable to provide this document to anyone except the student.

What is Qualified Tuition Related Expenses(QTRE)?

QTRE includes:

  • Tuition and Student Activities Fee

 QTRE excludes:

  • Room and board, student medical insurance,  and various fees and charges

1098-E Student Loan Interest Statement

Middlebury provides borrowers with an IRS form 1098-E to report the amount of interest paid in any given tax year for Perkins, Middlebury College, Fletcher Jones and Brinning Institutional Loans.

Borrowers who pay interest of $600 or more will receive their copy in the mail from Heartland ECSI at the end of January. Borrowers, who pay less than $600, will be notified on their billing statement from Heartland ECSI, our service provider. Middlebury also submits this form to the IRS electronically.

If any questions, please contact Heartland ECSI at 888-549-3274 or cservice@ecsi.net.

Middlebury cannot provide tax advice. For additional information, contact your tax adviser or the IRS.

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