Using Cameras and Firewire Drives

The libraries current camera and Firewire hard drives both connect to our Macs with a Firewire cable.  Firewire cable can fry Firewire ports when hot-plugged (ie. plugging the cable in while the power is on.)  In order to protect both the computer ports, the cables, and the devices, Firewires should be plugged in using the following methodology.

When connecting your unit(s)

- Ensure that the Computer is turned OFF
- Ensure that the device is turned OFF
- Connect your device
- Turn ON your device
- Turn ON your Computer

When disconnecting your unit(s)

- Shut down control software
- Turn OFF your Monitor Speakers
- Turn OFF your device

Once the device is plugged in, the Macs should detect any digital media storage devices automatically.  However, if the media is not detected, there's a good chance that the drive is not formatted to Mac specifications.  Reformatting the hard drive loses all stored information, so please consider using Midd Files if your files are small enough to be stored.  Alternatively, renting a PC/Mac compatible hard drive from LIS Circulation and transferring your work to that space is also a possibility.

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