Using the Digital Camcorders

In addition to tape-recording video cameras, the Davis Family Library now offers digital recording video cameras.

  • Please see the section on Firewires to connect the camera to the computer.
  • Once the camera is connected and the hard drive is running, copy your MOD files to the desktop.
  • To prepare the MOD files for editing, open "MPEG Streamclip."
  • In the "File" menu in the Menu Bar, select "Export to DV."
  • Adjust your export settings to fit your preferences.
  • Click "Make DV."
  • Please be patient.  The program must render frame by frame, so a lot of footage will take a lot of time to convert.

Once the conversion is finished, begin editing in Final Cut Express.  If you are unfamiliar with Final Cut Express, please see our tutorial for that program.

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