MiddFiles is like the new Tigercat, but with more connections to class folders and activity folders.  It's an excellent place to back up your work to protect against corrupted files or memory loss.

To Access MiddFiles with the Wilson Macs

Go > Connect to server…

-Access Finder (ie. the desktop) and click on "Go" in the Menu Bar.

-Select "Connect to Server"

-If there's a preselected server in the bar, erase it

-Type afp://middfiles.middlebury.edu/middfiles

-In the MiddFiles server, click on "Home"

-In the Home folder, click on the alphabetic grouping that includes the first letter of your user name (ex. if your user name is jzimmer, click on the "J" file, not the "Z" file)

-A folder with your personal user name here.  Click on it for access to your files.


You can also access the MiddFiles folders through the "Go" system.  Simply type "go/middfiles" in your address bar to reach a folder tree.  This is only accessible on Middlebury networks.