Using the Wilson Media Lab Scanners

Flat bed document scanners are currently installed in the Media Lab on some of our Mac computers, Wilson 03, 10, and 11.  In the carrels outside the lab, four more scanners are attached to the Mac computers, Wilson 41, 42, 43, and 44.  In addition, we have a large format scanner attached to Wilson 01 and a slide scanner attached to the Wilson Lab PC.  These scanners are open for use at any time.

To use the flat bed scanners:

-Open Epson Scan.
-Select the proper scanner format.  To find the scanner format, examine the scanner for its make and model number.  Click OK.
-The scanning software has three modes.  Full Auto Mode is generally acceptable for most scans.
-Align your document with the upper right hand corner of the scanner bed and close the scanner.
-Click scan.

To use the slide scanner, especially for batch scanning:

-Ask available tutor on duty for assistance. Log in to the PC.
-Launch ScanToPC software.
-Make sure that the Nikon SF-210 extension is properly mounted on the Super CoolScanner5000.
-Select 'Scanner' on the main toolbar.
-Choose 'Slide Feeder'.
-Specify the number of slides you would like to process, all at once.
-Adjust any advanced settings you might want to use. By default, you should not need to change anything.
-If desired, change the location and format of your soon to be converted slides.
-Confirm the settings, scan, and take a break. The Super CoolScanner5000 will take care of the rest.