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Vision Statement of the Curricular Technology Team

1. The Curricular Technology Team strives to identify technologies for teaching, learning and research that best meet the needs of the Middlebury College community.

2. A primary focus of our research is on evaluating "emerging" technologies and determining when these are mature enough to consider for use in the curriculum.

3. We envision a shift in curricular technologies away from monolithic applications such as course management systems to a suite of tools and services that are interoperable with other systems at Middlebury.

4. We favor technologies that support liberal arts education including those that are open source and use open standards and those that enable transparency, creative commons licensing and commons-based peer production.

5. We seek a sustainable balance between the adoption of standardized and emerging technologies and between solutions that are locally deployed versus those that are cloud-based.

6. We lead with discussion of the desired outcomes, then suggest suitable technology.

7. We promote education in technology for faculty, staff and students so they can use technology more independently, efficiently, and effectively.

Academic Technology

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