MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia. It is one of many wiki tools and excels for building large sites that have a loose or changing relationship between pages. Pages are the basic unit in MediaWiki and can be linked together directly using a simple [[Page Name]] syntax, as well as grouped via categories. Like many wiki tools, MediaWiki does not have any hierarchy of pages or built-in navigation menus; users navigate the wiki by following links between pages, browsing categories, or searching.

Quick Start

Existing Wikis

  1. Go to the wiki or browse to it via the list of wikis.
  2. Log-in using the link in the top-right of the page.
  3. Click the Edit tab at the top-center of the page.
  4. To create a new page, simply make a link to it from an existing page.

New Wikis

Creating new wikis is not currently a self-service operation.

  1. Go to the wiki request form and log-in with your normal Middlebury username/password.
  2. In the description, please give the following information:
    • Desired title
    • Desired short-title that includes just letters, numbers, and "_" (underscores).
    • Visibility: Will this wiki be visible to the world or just a particular group? If restricted, to which groups?

If you have problems with the submission form, please contact Joe Antonioli with your new-wiki request.

Case Studies

Wikipedia for Chemistry (Jeff Byers)

More Information

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