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Share audio on the web

Audio files can be shared on the web much like text and image files.  They simply need to be uploaded to a website.  Platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Segue all have tools that allow you to browse the files on your computer (or on servers you are connected to on your computer) and select files to upload.  Once uploaded, you can chose to insert these files into a post or content block on your site.

If you have many audio files you want to share, be sure to read:

Share series of audio files (i.e. podcast)

What you need:

To share an audio file on the web, you need an audio file that is in a format that is ideally optimized for web delivery such as .mp3.  Use tools like iTunes and Audacity can convert your audio file to .mp3 format.

How you do it:

Once you have an .mp3 audio file, simply access the site where you want to share it and create a new post/content block or edit an existing post/content block and chose to add audio/media.

Tips and suggestions:

See Record/edit/format audio > Tips and Suggestions

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