Grade/evaluate participation/contributions


Currently, GradeKeeper is the software most widely used for grading at Middlebury.  Microsoft Excel is also used for this purpose.  Gradekeeper and other desktop applications like it essentially allow instructors to:

  • Create a list of students
  • Create a list of "gradeable" items
  • Categorize these items
  • Assign each item a point score.

In addition to this basic functionality, many grading applications will also map point scores to letter grades, give different weights to different categories (i.e. make some categories worth more points than others) and export out grades in "tab-delimited" format or formats specific to particular applications.

The Curricular Technology team is currently evaluating other tools for grading, rating and evaluating participation and contributions of an individual or group of individuals (e.g. course, team, group project...etc).  One tool that is in limited use at Middlebury is Measure, which is an instance of Moodle that is configured specifically for creating online quizzes (formative assessments) and exams (summative assessments).

If you would like to Measure for creating online quizzes or exams, contact: Alex Chapin (  Also contact Alex if you would like to participate in defining the functional requirements for grading tools at Middlebury or evaluate grading tools being considered for use at the college.

What you need:

You will need a copy of Gradekeeper or Excel or other software designed for grading or that has functionality for creating rows and columns of data.

How you do it:

Whatever tool you use, you'll need to add the names of all your students.  Desktop applications like Gradekeeper or Excel will let you type in names or copy and paste them.  If you are using Excel, put student names in the first column of your spreadsheet. Then you will need to add "gradable" items (in Excel, each"gradable" item would have its own column).  Finally you would need to assign point values to each gradable item.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Use simple values for point score
  • convert point scores to percentages
  • ...

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