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Online quizzes (e.g. formative assessments) and exams (e.g. summative assessments) require fairly complex functionality and are usually best implemented as part of larger web applications and platforms such as course and learning management systems.  Currently online quizzes/exams can be set up at Middlebury using Measure, an instance of Moodle configured specifically as a platform for measuring student performance.

What you need:

Measure is currently an "incubating" technology at Middlebury and so is only in limited use and is available only on request.  To use Measure, you will need to contact Alex Chapin ( and request a "course" site in Measure.

How you do it:

Once you have a site in Measure, you can create quizzes/exams using the "quiz" module and also create "questions" to use in your new quiz/exam (as well as in other quizzes/exams you may create in the future).  Measure supports the following question types:

  • multiple choice (as many choices as you want from two (e.g. true or false) to ten or more
  • embedded answers (also known as "fill-in-the-blank")
  • short answer (questions with multiple possible answers all of which are short one word or a phrase)
  • numerical (answers are numbers which can be within a particular defined range)
  • matching (answers must be matched up with questions from a list)
  • essay (answers in essay format)

Measure encourages you to create a "bank" of question which you can draw on for various quizzes/exams and allows you to organize your questions by category. Once you have all the questions you need for a given quiz/exam, then you do the following:

  1. Select questions you want to use in your quiz/exam
  2. Add questions to your quiz/exam
  3. Specify a grade or point value for each question
  4. Reorder your questions (if necessary)
  5. Specify a Maximum grade for your entire quiz/exam

Once you have created a quiz/exam, you'll need to specify its settings or options.  These can include:

  • Quiz/exam description/instructions (these appear at the beginning of the exam before students will see any questions)
  • Quiz/exam open and close dates (these are the dates when the exam is available for students to take)
  • Time limit (optional)
  • Number of attempts allowed (quizzes or formative assessments should allow students to take multiple times in order for them to determine what they need to learn.... exams should only be accessible once to ensure they are an accurate summary of a students knowledge at a given time...)
  • ...

Tips and suggestions:

  • Make sure your Measure site is enrollable using Site Default
    (Measure is not integrated with course information systems at Middlebury, so you will need to make your course enrollable by anyone.  If you are concerned about others viewing your exam, then do not activate it until all your students are enrolled and you have turned off enrollments)
  • Set up a "test" quiz to ensure everyone can access what you create
  • ...

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