View/share views of roles/participation in a site (i.e. contributions of subscribers, authors, editors, admins... etc)


Most tools for creating web sites including curricular content management systems, blogging platforms like WordPress and wikis like MediaWiki keep track the authors and/or editors of a given page, content block or post on a site as well as all the contributions of a given user to a site.

What you need:

View who made contributions to a given page, content block or post requires a particular role or set of permissions in a given web application.  Typically, you need to be an author or editor of the content that you want to see who has made contributions to or you need to be the "owner" or "administrator" of the site that contains the content.

MediaWiki is the most "open" platform allowing anyone who is logged in to see the names of contributors and view their contribution.  WordPress blogs by default only display information about contributions to blog administrators, but it is possible to display the blog authors and their posts on the blog itself using the "authors" widget. 

How you do it:


  1. Click on the "history" link for any MediaWiki page
  2. Click on the "contribs" link for any given contributor to see all their contributions


  1. Go to your blog's "dashboard" (locate "site admin" link in sidebar or "log in" link in upper right corner)
  2. Click on "Authors & Users" in sidebar links
  3. Click on the number in the "post" column for a given user to filter all posts to only posts by that author.

It is also possible to display a list of authors and their contributions using the "Authors" widget.  For more information, see: LIS Ed Tech wiki


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