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There are many tools out there for creating schedules and calendars.  We recommend calendar tools that can be accessed via the web, particularly if you want to share calendar information.  Microsoft Outlook is useful for your personal calendar and scheduling needs and can be shared with other over the web.  If you have a Google account, you can use the calendar that is included with Gmail.  There has been a certain amount of standardization of these technologies so that it is possible to exchange event information across calendaring systems.

-college events calendars

What you need:

It is best to pick a calendar/scheduling tools that is integrated with your email.  Outlook, iCal, Google calendar will allow allow you to send event information to others via email.  Sharing your entire calendar or portions of it with others can be more challenging...

How you do it:

All calendar tools have some sort of new event/appointment feature that is integrated with email.  Use this feature to send event information or invite others to a meeting.

-viewing calendars of others for meeting request...

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