Computer Upgrades and Requests for Additional Computers

ITS receives budget funding to provide one primary computer to each faculty and staff, and to upgrade those computers every four years. Staff and faculty can request either a Windows based or Apple computer, a laptop or a desktop computer. In addition, ITS has funding to provide additional computers for both teaching and research as well as administrative purposes. The numbers of computers on campus has grown steadily, and in order to be sure we have the funding to maintain an appropriate upgrade process for all computers (which is especially important to maintain network and data security), we need a controlled process for requesting additional computers.
  • Upgrades of primary office computers are regularly scheduled every four years. Staff and administrative computers are upgraded in the spring, typically during February, March and April. Faculty and research computers are upgraded in the summer, typically during June, July and August. You can find out when a computer is due for upgrade by contacting the Helpdesk with your Middlebury College asset tag number from your computer. If the result of your upgrade inquiry is that the computer in question is not eligible for upgrade, it means that ITS does not currently have the funding to provide four year upgrades for that computer. This is often because the computer was originally obtained through a grant, became a shared office computer when an employee left or transferred, or through some other process. If you will have an ongoing need for a computer if and when the one in question no longer functions, or poses a security risk if it is not upgraded, you must put in a budget request for this computer. Administrative offices will receive a form for such requests, as well as for additional computers, every fall from the Budget Office. Academic offices receive a form from the office of the Dean of Curriculum every fall. Once a request submitted through one of these forms is approved, the computer will be scheduled for upgrade during the new fiscal year or, in the case of new computers delivery, during the appropriate upgrade cycle of spring or summer.
  • ITS will provide a primary computer for every new full time employee who requires one at the time of their hire.
  • When an employee leaves the college, ITS will recover their primary computer and prepare it for reuse. Please do not assume that the computers are automatically the property of the department to be used for another purpose. If you need a computer for your office, you may request it through the budget request process described above.

  • When an employee transfers to another department, it is the responsibility of the manager of the department where the employee used to work to contact the Helpdesk at and let us know. We will need to prepare the computer for replacement staff or recover it for reuse.
  • If you are requesting an upgrade sooner than its scheduled upgrade date, you can send a request to the Helpdesk at If it is fiscally feasible, we will perform the upgrade during the appropriate upgrade cycle of spring or summer.
  • Please do not wait to request an upgrade or a new computer until the need is immediate. ITS does not have the funding or the staffing to constantly evaluate requests and provide additional computers. Only computers for new hires or computers that are in our upgrade cycle and are in need of immediate replacement because of a hardware failure will be immediately delivered. All other computer deliveries will happen in the spring or the summer.

If you think you are due for an upgrade, or would like to see when you will be due, please create a Web Helpdesk ticket  and follow the instructions in the related FAQ on the right.

Available Computer Models

If you are due for a computer upgrade or are a new hire receiving your first machine from the college, you can choose the type of computer you would like.