PaperCut - Managing Your Account

PaperCut is a system to track printing and copying, which is used to bill student and guest accounts, as well as to provide data for printer management and planning.  It is the system students and guests use to:

  • View an account balance
  • See recent account activity
  • Redeem cash card to add funds to an account
  • Request a refund when a printer or copier is reported as malfunctioning.

Any browser will get to go/PaperCut or

To log on, users must authenticate using their network login credentials:PaperCut_Login

You will be presented with your account summary and may perform specific tasks such as:PaperCut_Account_Summary

Transaction History

Displays your balance history in detail.  You can review how, when, and why your balance was affected.

Recent Print Jobs

Lists recent print jobs in sequential order and includes the document’s name, number of pages, printer used, date and time, as well as their cost.  It is here you may request a refund by

  • identifying the job in question,
  • going to the Status column, and
  • clicking the Request Refund link.

Refunds are corroborated by machine malfunction reports.

Jobs Pending Release

Allows you to review

  • the cost of a job before releasing it
  • view print jobs in your queue
  • cancel print jobs

Printing from Your Own Computer
All print jobs processed through Web Print will be duplexed.  Web Print supports the following file formats:
Application                                                            File Format           

Adobe Reader 9


Microsoft Office Excel 2007

XLS, XLSX, etc...

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

PPT, PPTX, etc...

Microsoft Office Word 2007

DOC, DOCX. etc...

Microsoft XPS Viewer










Web Print

The Web Printing process is:

  1. Click Submit a Job
  2. Select the printer name from the list provided
    : When a printer is out of order it does not appear in the list of available printers. 
  3. Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection
  4. Enter number of copies you want to print
  5. Click 3. Upload Document
  6. Use the Browse button to find the document
  7. Click Upload & Complete button
    Your document is sent to the print release station.
    Once Status changes to “finished: queued for printing”
  8. Go to a printer release station
  9. Sign into the print release station with your PaperCut credentials
  10. Locate you print job
  11. Release it to the printer

Add Funds to Your Account

Purchase a $5.00 PaperCut cash card at

  • Wilson Cafe in Davis Family Library
  • MiddExpress in McCullough Student Center
  • the Food Cart outside Armstrong Library
  • the College Store in Proctor Hall.

While on campus, using a college networked computer, apply the purchased cash card(s) to to your account.

  • In a browser window, type in go/papercut (or
    • The "PaperCut registration" page will appear.
  • Click Redeem Card.
    • The "Redeem Card" window will appear.
  • Type in your card number.
  • Click Redeem Card button. 
  • Your PaperCut account will be credited $5.00.

If you purchased multiple cards, follow these steps for each card.  


Remember to click Logout to protect your account and personal information.

updated 8/20/14