If a machine is not working properly, promptly inform the Helpdesk, at x2200 (or 802-443-2200) or the Walk-in Center in Davis Family Library 202, so queues may be temporarily disabled and the machine may be returned to service quickly.

All college account holders have the ability to print on campus.  The printer you use depends on whether you are a student, faculty, staff, or guest.  This section can help you figure out how and where to print by providing a list of:

Public Printer & Copier Locations

There are a number of printers for general use on campus. A map indicating these locations may be found through go/printmap.  Print jobs can be sent to these printers from a computer connected to the college network.

A print job sent to a public printer will require the user confirm and release it at a print release station.

By default, black & white printers print double sided, while color printers print single sided. 

To find check a public printer’s status log into PaperCut at go/printerstatusPublic printers are:

Library_Printers: (black & white)

Davis Family Library 142

Davis Family Library 242 (2 printers)

Davis Family Library 303

McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Armstrong Library 155

McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Armstrong Library 203

 Non_Library_Printers: (black & white)

Axinn Center, near 105

Chateau 001, Atwater Commons Study

Center for the Arts, near Box Office

LaForce Hall 122

Munroe Hall 214

Proctor Hall, Woodstove Lounge (main level)

Robert A. Jones House B02, computer lab

Sunderland Language Center, computer lab 121

 Multifunction Machines:

Davis Family Library 142 (queue:  lib_public_color1)

Prints (color)

McCardell Bicentennial Hall (queue:  bih_155_copy)

Prints (color)

McCullough Student Center, Midd Express (queue:  MiddXpress)

Prints (black & white)

* No charge for students to scan.  Guests do not have access to scanning.

Copier only:

Davis Family Library 242

Poster/Plotter Printers:

Davis Family Library 220, Wilson Media Lab (queue: lib220p)

Accepts print requests from Wilson Media Lab or nearby cubicle, only,

McCardell Bicentennial Hall 209, Armstrong Library (queue: POSTERS-209)

Check open hours.

Guest Printers (black & white):

Davis Family Library 142 (guest queue:  lib142-g)

Davis Family Library 242 (guest queue:  lib242-g)

Davis Family Library 242 (guest queue:  lib242k-g)

Davis Family Library 303 (guest queue:  lib303-g) 

Plotter (Poster) Printers

Plotters are for students, faculty, and staff to print posters and other large format items.  Plotters:

  • Take longer than most printers to process jobs.
  • Will cut the paper for you when the print job is done.

Do NOT tear your work. Tearing runs a high risk of doing considerable damage to the printer.

Two public plotters are available.

Wilson Media Lab (Davis Family Library 220)
You must use one of the Mac computers in the Wilson Media Lab or in the two rows of study cubicles immediately next to that room to print to this machine.  Digital Media Tutors, in the Wilson Media Lab, are available to assist you.

Armstrong Library, (McCardell Bicentennial Hall 209)
Armstrong Library must be open in order for you to retrieve your print job from the plotter.  See go/hours.  For students to print to this plotter, you must print from:

    • a computer in Armstrong Library 161,
    • a computer in McCardell Bicentennial Hall 116/117, or
    • via the thin client in Robert A. Jones’ House, Sunderland 121, Armstrong Library, or Davis Family Library.
Plotter Instructions
    1. Open your poster.
    2. Send it to POSTERS.
    3. Release the job from the plotter release station.
      Your account will be charged $1.50 per linear foot.
    4. Wait several minutes for your print job to be completed.  Do not tear the poster from the plotter.  Wait for it to be cut for you.  Tearing the poster can cause expensive damage to the printer.

Department Machines

Department machines fall into two categories:

Multi-function can print, copy, scan, and fax.                          

Stand-alone printers.  ITS policy is to reduce existing stand-alone printers by attrition.  If a stand-alone printer fails and there is a multi-function machine nearby, the printer will not be replaced.  

The College leases multi-function machines, and they are located in all campus office buildings.  In some cases where there is no multi-function machine on the same floor or it is located some distance away from an office, there are stand-alone printers. These printers may be replaced by ITS. They will be added to our SymQuest leasing program and will be replaced on a 5-year cycle.  The standard replacement is a Kyocera FS- 4200. 

Please note that faculty and staff can also print to and copy on any of the public printers/copiers noted above.

Multi-function Machines:
These leased machines are connected to the college network; many individuals may use.  These machines print, copy, scan, and can fax if a telephone line is installed.  

  • On machines displaying a SymQuest tag, problems should be reported to SymQuest’s toll-free number on the tag.
  • When a machine is nearing its replacement cycle date, the replacement model will be determined after discussing options with someone from the department and SymQuest.
  • Toner replacement is automatic.  It is delivered to the department as the machine approaches a point SymQuest sets as close to finishing the current toner cartridge.  If you do not receive the preparatory toner cartridge, please contact SymQuest to learn when it will be shipped.

Stand-alone Printers:

ITS does not support or network department-purchased printers.

College-owned:  These machines were purchased prior to the introduction of multi-function machines and are not on a replacement cycle.

  • On printers with a SymQuest tag displayed, problems should be reported to SymQuest’s toll-free number on the tag.
  • Machines needing repair that do not have a SymQuest tag should be reported to the Helpdesk (x2200). 
  • When a machine is determined to be too costly to repair or are non-repairable, a decision will be made after discussing options with someone from the department and repair technician.
  • Toner  for machines with a SymQuest tag MUST be purchased from SymQuest in order to comply with the college’s contractual agreement that includes free labor for repairs. 
  • Toner for non-SymQuest tagged machines is purchased by the department through any vendor .

Paper should be ordered through W.B. Mason.

Toner is supplied by the department when the machine is not covered by a SymQuest contract.  Machines covered by a SymQuest contract are indicated by a SymQuest tag glued to them.

Confidential Printing Canon and Kyocera Multi-function Machines:

Users of a Canon multifunction printer can print to an individual, private mailbox on that machine.  Print jobs will be held until the individual releases the job at the machine.

To add a mailbox to your Canon:

    • Note the SymQuest tag number on your machine
    • Call SymQuest (800-374-9900) and open a ticket to add the user(s) mailbox.  SymQuest can do this remotely and provide guidance on how to use it.
    • Contact the Helpdesk at x2200 and let them know
      • the printer’s name and/or tag number,
      • the name for the mailbox that has been set up, and
      • you are requesting a driver configuration update.
    • Once the driver is configured, the mailbox can be used.
    • If you need additional guidance on how to use the mailbox, SymQuest can provide assistance.

Kyocera's Guide to Keys (PDF)

Kyocera's Guide to Address Book Additions (PDF)

Applicable to color models 3051ci, 3551ci, 4551ci & 5551ci

Applicable to black & while models 3501i, 4501i & 5501i

updated 3/30/16