Top Things Students Should Know About Technology at Midd

Middlebury College has a wide array of technology options available for students. We asked students for the top things all Middlebury students should know about these options. Here is their list:

1. Where is the Technology Helpdesk and how can they help?

Click the link above to visit the Helpdesk website where you'll find featured info, FAQs, and much more.  Don't miss the Student Tech Guide -- it's got everything you need to know about technology at Midd and how to get help... on just one page.

2. How and where can you print?

Visit http://go/howtoprint/ to learn the best ways to submit a print job.  See http://go/print/ for full details about all aspects of printing.

3. How can you learn about technology any time, day or night?

Take advantage of video-based online instruction through our LinkedIn Learning resource, available 24/7.  As well as technology, you can learn about interviewing and resume-building here, too!

4. Where should you store your files?

Start off on the right foot; learn about Middlebury's cloud storage options on Google and OneDrive that offer automatic backup and easy access from any networked device.

5. What software can you get for free?

Don't pay for software you can install for free!  Click the link above to learn what you are already licensed to install and use on your own computer.

6. How do you connect to the wireless network?

Use your Middlebury account ( and password to connect to the MiddleburyCollege wireless network.

7. How do you access information from off-campus?

Learn how to access library databases, file storage, virtual labs, and more when you are not connected to the Middlebury network.

8. How do you change/reset your Middlebury account password?

Refer to our guidelines to learn how to set a strong password.

9. How do you connect your mobile device to Middlebury email services?

There is a wide variety of mobile devices.  Click the link above to find the instructions for yours.  Be sure to download & set up Microsoft's Authenticator app for use with multi-factor authentication as well!

10. How do you use the Course Hub?

The Course Hub is Middlebury College's gateway to course content for students and faculty.  It gathers all your course information in one place.  Use http://go/hub/ to get there with ease.

11.  How do you register for courses using Banner?

First year students should be sure to check out Web registration help.

12. How does "GO" work?

Learn how to use (and create!) shortcuts that quickly take you to Midd websites.