Top Things Students Should Know About Technology at Midd

Middlebury College has a wide array of technology options available for students. We asked students what were the top things all Middlebury students should know about these options. Below is that list.

1. Where is the Helpdesk and how can they help?

The Walk-in Helpdesk is located on the main floor of the Davis Family Library, in room 202.  You can also submit a ticket, call 802.443.2200, or e-mail helpdesk@middlebury.edu to request help.  Click the link above to view documentation, Frequently Asked Questions, and lots more information about how the Helpdesk can help you.


2. How do you access information from off-campus?


3. How do you register for courses using Banner?


4. How can you protect yourself from viruses and malware?


5. What is MiddFiles and why you should care?


6. How and where can you print?


7. How do you connect to the wireless network?


8. How does "GO" work?


9. How do you change/reset your network password?

You will be regularly required to change your network password.  Be sure to have your ID and Banner Web PIN available, then click the link above to access the instructions for changing your network password.


10. How do you connect your mobile device to Middlebury email services?

There is a wide variety of mobile devices.  Click the link above to find the instructions for your device.


11. How do you use the Course Hub?

The Course Hub is Middlebury College's gateway to course content for students and faculty.  It gathers all of your course information in one place.