COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Service Policy

The College policy for services provided by the Sports Medicine Department, beginning September 1, 2000 is outlined below. The Department will provide services to any students that are members (on an official roster) of an intercollegiate team during their competitive season. The department will also provide during their competitive season services to club rugby and club crew. Students who are candidates (on an official preseason roster) for an intercollegiate or one of the above club teams, students that are not in their competitive season, or students that have experienced a season ending injury during their competitive season will be referred to Porter Physical Therapy which operates a clinic in the Sports Medicine department for the above groups.  A student's primary insurance will be billed by Porter Physical Therapy for these services with any balance not covered by primary insurance then submitted to the secondary college policy.  Students who fall outside these guidelines will need to seek care at the Health Center, Porter Hospital, or from a doctor of the student's choice.

Points of explanation:

Sports Medicine will provide services to any student who is listed on an official roster of any intercollegiate team and club crew and rugby. This guideline will apply to immediate past seasons only. For example, " I am a senior. I was on a team my sophomore year, but not junior year." This student would not be eligible for services because it was not an immediate past season. In-season athletes always have priority. Out of season service will be provided between 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM by appointment.

Another example "I sustained an injury before coming to Middlebury. I was on a team in the spring, but not the next fall or winter and I need services for this injury." As this was not a direct result of Middlebury participation and two seasons have since past where they have not participated in an official intercollegiate activity, this student would not be eligible for service.