COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Health and Wellness Resources

Injury Self Care Resources

 Middlebury College Sports Medicine has developed these rehabilitation and strengthening programs for care of common injuries and weaknesses.  These programs are meant to be a guide for students that need assistance in these areas as directed by a medical professional. These programs are not a substitute for seeking evaluation by a licensed medical professional.  We encourage all our athletes to be evaluated by a licensed medical professional for any injury before beginning any of these programs.  These are only suggestions and if you have any pain with any of these exercises please stop the exerecise and consult with your medical provider.

Dynamic Stretching

Static Stretching

Foam Rolling

Ankle Sprain Protocol and Strengthening Program

Iilliotibial Band Syndrome

Patella Femoral Pain

Hip Strengthening

Lumbar Core Strengthening

Shoulder Strengthening