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Safe Colleges Online Education for New Students

Think About It is an ongoing online substance and sexual abuse training program that prepares students to confront and prevent serious campus problems. The program delivers Title IX and Clery amendments to VAWA-compliant training with a non-judgmental approach to effectively reach students.

The first course in the three-part program, Think About It: Turning Points uses an engaging, thoughtful approach to provide students with the tools they need to navigate the risks of life in college before they ever set foot on campus.  This course prepares students before they begin their life in college. All new students to the Middlebury community are required to complete this course. 

Throughout the course students respond to questions about alcohol and relationships and are instantly shown their peer responses. This comparison helps break through the dangerous illusion that “everybody else is doing...” Think About It: Turning Points provides students with a comprehensive foundation in four areas:

Partying Smart
Substance abuse is one of the biggest risks college students face. This section of the course provides frank, non-judgmental coaching about drugs and alcohol so students will know what is and isn’t safe when they party. Students can explore the concept of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the physiology of illicit drugs, and the warning signs of alcohol poisoning and life-saving steps to take should a friend be in trouble. Normative data is provided to show the percentage of peers who consume alcohol and other drugs.

Healthy Relationships
This section of the course empowers students to address unhealthy relationships by outlining the warning signs of unhealthy relationships so that students can recognize them and get help when they or one of their friends needs it. 

Sex in College
The perceived hookup culture of today’s college campuses can lead to misinformed expectations about relationships and sex. This section of the course prepares students to make informed decisions about what’s right for them.

Sexual Violence
Helping students prevent sexual violence on campus is incredibly important given what we know about risk for college students. This section teaches potential aggressors that sexual assault is unacceptable and will not be tolerated on our campus. It shows students and bystanders how to confidently deal with dangerous situations while keeping safety a priority.


What Middlebury students have to say about Think About It:

Great course -- interactive and easy to follow through!

This [course] made me feel more prepared in taking on the social experience in college. It also informed me enough to make smart decisions ahead of time.

I liked and appreciated the fact that the course seemed to be geared toward a more adult audience than other sex/drugs/relationships courses I've been forced to take. There were new insights as well.

Loved the different people that were looked at throughout the experience ranging from male to female, and even straight to gay.

Other colleges had other similar required course but they were just black and white surveys rather than interactive like this. This is much better.

Though it was quite lengthy, this course was fantastic. It was informative, realistic, and never felt cheesy. Thank you so much. I hope that all high school students as well as college get a chance to complete it.