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Global Partnerships for Sustainability

Global Partnerships for Sustainability

Middlebury College’s (MC) Global Partnerships for Sustainability (GPS) is creating opportunities for students to leave a sustainability legacy to the countries where they study. GPS is developing long-term partnerships between MC’s schools abroad and in-country organizations working on sustainability-related issues. GPS creates opportunities for successive cohorts of students to advance the work of partner organizations and their sustainability agendas. Through involvement in GPS students gain significantly greater understanding and proficiency in the language and culture and contribute to a more sustainable future for their host country. The GPS is a collaborative effort between MC’s C.V. Starr Schools Abroad, Environmental Affairs and the Office of Sustainability Integration.

Existing and Developing Projects

GPS programs are in progress at Middelbury CV Starr Schools Abroad  in: Japan, Chile, Hangzhou, China; Irkutsk, Russia; and Montevideo, Uruguay. Pilot programs are currently in development at CV Starr Schools Abroad in Jordan and France.

Featured Sites

China: Kunming

In Kunming, China, students and partners at The Nature Conservancy of China, Shelburne Farms, and Yunnan University School of Ecology and Environmental Science collaborate on the development of wetland outreach and education capacity in Heqing, China. They also learn firsthand about efforts to protect Yunnan's endangered snub-nosed monkeys. Please note that the Kunming GPS program is transitioning to a new partner and program focus (to be determined in the near future).


Students at the C.V.Starr School Abroad in Chile are working with Universidad Austral de Chile and GPS partners at the Wildlife Conservation Society to support the development of the Karukinka Natural Park in Tierra del Fuego and the University of the Frontier in Temuco to study sustainability in the context of rural communities and the problems experienced by indigenous people.


Students in Japan are working with Tottori University of Environmental Studies and the Town of Chizu to support the development of strategies for sustainable economic development and the revitalization of aging, depopulating rural areas. A second site and partnership has been established in Tenryu, Japan with a local tea plantation and community center focused on a similar theme. A summer internship there has also been created.

For more information about participating in the Global Partnerships for Sustainability projects at a Middlebury College C.V. Starr School Abroad contact:

Jack Byrne, Dean of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs. email:


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