Photo by Danielle Fisher, Argentina
Photo by Danielle Fisher, Argentina (Study Abroad Photo Contest)

Consider these questions when you are researching options and selecting a program.

Sustainability actions you can take while you’re studying abroad.

— Calculate your carbon emissions for your travel.

— Read up on sustainable travel:

Top 10 Tips for Sustainable Travel
Sustainable Travel Tips
from a College Student
How to reduce your use of plastic on a trip
Leaving Light Footprints
Article: “Sustainable Travel and Study Abroad”
CIS Australia’s “Green Book: Tips & Resources for Sustainable Learning Abroad”

— Consider a student membership to Bound International:

This membership gets you destination reports that profile unique aspects of different countries in relation to environmental sustainability and climate change, pre-departure and re-entry videos that offer suggestions on how to travel more sustainably, and a student advocacy guide.

— Get involved in is a global initiative launched by Middlebury graduates to spread a particular idea: 350 — the safe parts per million level of CO2 in the atmosphere, may just be the most important number in the world.’s goal is to bring people all across the globe together and with our collective voice move this number 350 to the very heart of public consciousness. You can help build this movement while you study abroad.We encourage you to get involved in local 350 groups, or local divestment campaigns.

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