Sponsor Application Forms

The days of making multiple paper copies of your proposal and shipping them to the sponsor are fast coming to an end! As sponsors adopt electronic submission, they increasingly require electronic forms, and requirements are still in flux. Forms are often combined with or posted alongside the guidelines for applying. This page has links to application forms and guidelines for several programs and resources.

Tips and Advice: Humanities Proposals

Most funding sources will want to know these details about your humanities research project:

Other Major Sources

Some major sources of non-federal funding are listed here. Many other sources are available; try using SPIN or IRIS to search for donors who fund projects like yours, or contact us to discuss ideas.

Major Federal Sources

This page lists some of the major federal funding agencies. If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, visit Federal Agencies courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Language School student will study in Brazil on Fulbright

Baylor University senior Alex Nix, a student at Middlebury's Portuguese School this summer (2009), is one five Baylor students who have been selected to receive the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. A Spanish major from Riesel, formerly of Waco, Nix will spend the 2010 academic year in Brazil, where she will assist with teaching English, while developing the study of American poetry as a way of encountering and understanding American culture.