To the Middlebury Community,

We’d like to share news about something that’s been on all our minds. At the Board meeting on Saturday, Middlebury’s trustees approved a fiscal year 2023 budget that includes an $8.2 million investment in faculty and staff salaries. This represents a 7 percent increase in the total amount allocated from the operating budget for both the faculty and staff salary pools—our largest investment in compensation adjustments in a decade—and will take effect July 1. 

As you know, we have engaged in an extensive benchmarking process this year for staff salaries, and as a result some employees will receive pay increases to bring their salaries closer in line with market rates. All Middlebury faculty in Vermont and California will receive merit raises this year. Our goal is to raise compensation for our lowest-paid employees, including junior faculty in Vermont, to be fair and competitive. Some will receive pay increases of more than 7 percent and some will receive less. Because we are focused on equity, if an employee is above market, a pay increase is less likely. Employee compensation will continue to be a top Middlebury priority next year and beyond. 

We have shared information over the last few months about this new approach to staff compensation, and we invite you to review these materials. We will continue to share more as we approach July 1.

Our community discussions have made a significant difference in our efforts to address issues of compensation. We look forward to continuing these open conversations to make even more progress in this area.

With appreciation,

Laurie L. Patton


Jeff Cason


David Provost

Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration

Caitlin Goss

Vice President for Human Resources and Chief People Officer