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The Middlebury chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the country’s oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences, elected 54 students to its membership on May 25 in a ceremony at McCullough Student Center. The induction was one of several celebratory events held for seniors during Commencement weekend.

Two students, Nicholas Dahlen and Aine Powers, received the Phi Beta Kappa prize, which is presented to graduating seniors “whose scholarly or artistic accomplishment and breadth, and contribution to the intellectual life of the community, best exemplify the society’s regard for intellectual excellence.” 

Each year the Middlebury chapter elects up to 10 percent of the senior class to Phi Beta Kappa membership. Two percent of the class is elected in August, on the basis of six semesters’ work, and up to an additional eight percent is elected in May, on the basis of work completed over eight semesters.

Phi Beta Kappa inductees at McCullough Student Center
Middlebury’s newest Phi Beta Kappa members were inducted during a ceremony at McCullough Student Center on May 25. (Credit: Todd Balfour )

The members elected in May 2024 are:

Aidan Breen Amster

Robin Sage Andresen

Andrew M. Atallah

Caitlin Beverley Baxter

Jeffrey Harrison Bolnick

Isabella Barbara Burke

Ashley Iona Mae Chimelis

Katherine Renee DeFrancesco

Emily Elizabeth Downer

Eli Dylan Drachman

Michael Mackenzie Freeman

Samara Gordon Wexler

Molly Erin Grazioso

Claire Ingrid Greenburger

Sarah Elizabeth Guest

Ai Hattori

Rowan Elizabeth Heffelfinger

Reika Sophia Herman

Lauren Calyssa Ho

Faith M. Isham

Steven Miguel Jin Xuan

Catherine Laura Kish

Katherine Noel Kraczkowsky

Emily Grace Kuperstein

Jonah Jewett Landsman

Anne Carlson Lee

Yifei Luo

Charlotte B. Luster

Alana Ryhn Lutz

Marina Cavagnero Lyon

Katie G. Macalintal

Peyton Elizabeth Mader

Anna Kathryn Metzler

Essa S. Moodie

Kristen Beth Morgenstern

Tessa Katriina Mott

Olivia Grace Mueller

Aine Essie Hazen Powers

Zhizhong Pu

Samantha Gail Remis

Gabriella Joyce Roelofs

Joshua Kittredge Rosenstein

Kayla Ariel Schwartz

Lindsey Frances Schweitzer

Margaret Lee Shelburne

Liam Wyatt Smith

Aaron V. Tobias

Elizabeth Toll

John Torpey

S. Grady Welsh

Emily Claire Wight

Wen Xu

Yide Xu

Tobias E. Ziemke


Fourteen seniors were elected to Phi Beta Kappa in October 2023 after three years at Middlebury.