COFHE Survey of New Students

A Survey of New Students (SNS) is conducted biannually in collaboration with COFHE in the summer before first-year students arrive on campus. The survey poses a variety of questions regarding students’ high school experiences, and self-ratings of academic preparedness and abilities. Students are also asked about plans while in college such as intended major and interest in pursuing certain activities or opportunities.

"How important is it that Middlebury College provide you with the following?"

96% Skills for life long learning
96% Opportunities to develop skills valuable in workplace
87% A global perspective

First Year Orientation Survey

First-Year orientation surveys are administered every year in partnership with the Student Activities Office. New students are asked about the effectiveness of various orientation programs and workshops, and concerns regarding transitioning to life at Middlebury. (Source: Fall 2022 Survey)

91% Of Students reported that MiddView helped identify sources of support to assist in their transition.

First Year Experience

A brief survey was conducted to collect feedback on students’ first year. Questions targeted academics and social life, as well as hopes for the future. (Source: Spring 2023 Survey)

92% of students reported looking forward to their second year at Middlebury.

COFHE Enrolled Student Survey (ESS)

The Enrolled Students Survey (ESS) is administered periodically to Middlebury students in collaboration with COFHE.The survey poses questions on students interaction with others, the level of participation  in various curricular, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities, and satisfaction with different aspects of their Middlebury experience. (Source: 2023 ESS Survey)

94% of students are satisfied with the quality of instruction at Middlebury College.

Summer Research Experience

Each summer over 150 Middlebury students are engaged in on-campus research with a faculty mentor. At the end of summer students and faculty asked provide feedback on their experience. Students reflect on their reasons for  engaging in research, the skills and abilities they developed, and also level of satisfaction with the programs. (Source: Summer 2022 Survey)

96% of students were satisfied with their summer research experience.

COFHE Senior Survey

The Senior Survey, in collaboration with COFHE institutions, is administered to seniors biannually. Seniors are asked to reflect on their undergraduate education and services provided by the college, and participation in various activities.

97% of class of 2022 seniors reported being satisfied with the quality of instruction in courses in their major.

Senior and Recent Alumni Surveys

The post-graduation plans of seniors is collected just before graduation. A follow up survey, the Six Months Out Alumni Survey, is conducted later to collect updated information.

91% of graduates from the class of 2023 were satisfied with their undergraduate education