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A white graphic with a photo of a young woman with long brown hair and a red turtleneck. The graphic content includes, "MIDDVantage: Exploring Careers in Conflict Transformation Ep. 2: Quantitative Research in Peacebuilding with Shaziya DeYoung, MIIS '18 interviewed by Quinn Pidgeon '24

CCI releases the second episode of its alumni interview series, “MIDDVantage: Exploring Careers in Conflict Transformation.” This collaborative effort, developed in partnership with Middlebury in DC, the Middlebury Professional Network, and Middlebury students, is dedicated to exploring the conflict transformation field.

In the second episode, titled “Quantitative Research in Peacebuilding,” viewers meet Shaziya DeYoung, Middlebury Institute of International Studies class of 2018, a Researcher with the Learning and Evidence team at the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Conducted by Middlebury student Quinn Pidgeon ‘24, this interview sheds light on the quantitative side of this critical field, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based approaches in fostering peace and stability.

Shaziya DeYoung is the Researcher with the Learning and Evidence team at the Alliance for Peacebuilding. She graduated from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California, where she focused on peacebuilding and conflict resolution specifically in the context of monitoring, learning, and evaluation (MEL). In line with this area of interest and passion, she has worked with various organizations in the DC area as an M&E consultant where she focused on the development of indicators, survey tools, and M&E frameworks for peacebuilding programs. She also consulted on social change programs as a data analyst focusing on qualitative data analysis techniques and social network analysis. Over the past four years, she has been focusing on various research efforts that aim to build and synthesize the evidence base for peacebuilding programming while also working on initiatives to translate and disseminate that knowledge and information. At the heart of all her endeavors, Shaziya is deeply passionate about capacity development and consistently looks for opportunities to foster greater capacities across the field, especially in research and MEL expertise.

The second episode featuring Shaziya is now available for viewing. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the role of research in shaping a more peaceful and conflict-transformed world.

Episode two is accessible via the following link: Watch here.

Stay tuned for more discussions and insights from professionals at the forefront of conflict resolution and peacebuilding as the “MIDDVantage: Exploring Careers in Conflict Transformation” series continues through Fall, 2023.