Matt Kuchar
Hybrid: Kitchel House 203 and working remotely
(802) 443-5464

How did you get to Middlebury? After a decade of executive coaching, I missed the liberal arts. Middlebury is a place where I can apply my background in mentoring and business while staying true to my small college roots. In the last four years Middlebury has become an extended family: my wife, Molly Baker, works in Language Schools, and our dog, Ronco, considers himself an official CCI ambassador.

Who do you work with? What is your favorite part of the job? I run Midd2Midd, including MiddMentors, so I get to work with the 8,500 alumni volunteers, Midd Parents, and Middlebury students who are involved. More than anything else, I love hearing about the conversations and connections that happen on Midd2Midd. This is a community where people really care about one another.

What is the best career advice anyone has given you? Figure out the biggest problems your client or your employer is facing. Then help them solve it.

What is your favorite campus resource? Of course I’m biased: Midd2Midd makes it easier than ever for students to connect with alumni who have already launched from Middlebury and want to share their advice and perspective. But better than any resource are the people that Middlebury attracts. All of the innovative and impactful things this campus does, including here at CCI, happen because Middlebury has a team of fantastic staff, students, faculty, and alumni.

Interests/Hobbies: Wilderness travel, especially by canoe. Reading in front of the wood stove. Exploring little corners of the world with my family, including our toddler, Eli.

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Academic Degrees

BA in English and Philosophy, Colby College
MA in English, University of Oregon