Campus Well is a bi-weekly online magazine on health and wellness topics sent to students via email. For each edition, the Health & Wellness Education team curates a combination of custom written articles from colleagues at Middlebury and Campus Well health writers who create material specifically for college students. Check out some articles below! 

Campus Well

Interested in contributing custom content to Campus Well?

The content submission schedule can be found here and is listed below. Email Assistant Director Karly Beavers at to submit content or brainstorm article ideas. 

Options for custom content include:

  • Original articles and blog-style posts hosted on Campus Well 
    • Articles should be written in a friendly and informative manner. The most successful articles we’ve seen include an interesting title, clear and evidence-based information or skills highlighted, and links to further reading or resources.
  • Images to promote campus events, services, etc. on Campus Well. 
  • Information banners that direct students to a sign-up form for a program or service hosted on the Middlebury website or elsewhere.

 Formatting requirements:

  • Custom articles or blog posts should be sent as an attachment in Microsoft Word or in a Google Doc and be formatted with any headings, spotlight quotes, and images that you’d like included. Articles should also include the author’s name, title, and headshot photo. Videos can also be featured at the top of articles and must be links from either YouTube or Vimeo for inclusion.
  • Images (flyers, resource sheets, infographics, etc.) must be in .jpg or .png format. Please include a title for your image that will show up as a heading and note whether the event, program, or service is limited to undergraduates or also includes MIIS students. 
  • Information banners can be created for you. Because they are clickable, you just need to submit pithy text that includes the title, go/link, and any relevant dates. If you have graphic design preferences or ideas, please include those as well.
Campus Well content submission schedule. Email for a full description.
Campus Well content submission schedule. Email for a full description.