All students who have had distressing violent and/or sexual experiences deserve confidential and supportive care.

A counselor, medical professional, hotline advocate or chaplain can provide you with confidential support and information without requiring you to take action of any kind.

Green Dot

The Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy is a national program that trains students, faculty, and staff in bystander intervention to help prevent instances of power-based personal violence (PBPV). PBPV is a form of violence where one individual asserts power, control, or intimidation over another to cause harm. This includes dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and harassment. When these moments of violence occur on our campus, they’re seen as red dots. A “Green Dot” is defined as any action, choice, word, or attitude that counters or displaces a “red dot” of violence, reducing the likelihood that someone will be hurt. This not only promotes safety for everyone in the Middlebury community, but also sends a clear message that we do not tolerate violence on our campus.

MiddSafe Advocates

MiddSafe advocates are Middlebury College students committed to providing a safe and confidential resource for our peers in need of support and information around sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, and other personal violations.

Health Center Resources

In you are in need of sexual assault resources, the Health Center has three nurse practitioners that are certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). These clinicians are here to discuss this with you in confidence.