We seek a diverse array of mature, thoughtful students who are invested in the Middlebury community and all of its members. This includes students from all four classes and from all backgrounds and areas of academic and campus life.

Are you Eligible?

  • All students who will be enrolled for at least one full semester in the next academic year (fall 2023-spring 2024) are eligible.
  • Hearings do not take place every week, but in general, board members must keep their schedules open each week in case a hearing is needed.
  • The number of hearings can vary from none to 5-6 per semester.
  • All board members must also be available to attend training the on an evening the first week of classes in the fall.

How to Apply

  • All application materials must be received by Monday, April 10 at 5:00 pm.
  • Online application will go live on Friday, March 31. Please note that to access the application you will need to be signed into Google through your Middlebury email account. Otherwise, you may get a message that you do not have authorization to access the application. If this occurs, go to your Google account and switch to your Middlebury account. If you continue to have difficulty, consult our mediawiki
  • The Judicial Board Selection Committee will invite approximately 25-30 applicants for interviews in April. The student board members will be selected and notified in May.
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Information on Middlebury’s conduct process can be found here. If you have questions about the application process, please contact Brian Lind, assistant vice president of student affairs at blind@middlebury.edu.

Why Apply: Reflections from Recent Student Board Members

Students consistently find their experience as judicial board members to be among the most enriching, provocative and important aspects of their time at Middlebury. Below are some reflections from current and recent board members.

Nia Robinson ’19: When thinking about the highlights of my Middlebury experience, I always point to the judicial board. I appreciate, admire, and respect all of the board members. I also value the role I have in the judicial process. Middlebury means a lot to me, and it has been a privilege to take part in something that has an substantial impact on the community.

Joanna Balla ’19: Being a member of the Judicial Boards is a wonderful opportunity to serve the broader Middlebury community in a tangible and meaningful way. The trainings are fantastic and get you thinking about important issues of justice and equity as they apply to an academic context. You get to work with people who are dedicated and passionate, and you develop important skills of communication and deliberation along the way.

Henry Kremer ’19: Through serving on the board I have learned how to listen, and to put myself in the shoes of others. Working to uncover the truth is never straightforward but through dialogue and mutual understanding my experiences on the board have taught me that it is possible and often rewarding for all parties involved. Furthermore, I have also learned how to identify my underlying biases and appropriately proceed with caution and rationality.

Caroline Snell ’19: Becoming a student member of the judicial board is an excellent way to serve the College community by reflecting seriously on our values and expectations as a student body that is part of a greater whole. The decisions we are asked to make are far from easy, but are an important part of our duty as students to hold each other accountable to our high standards.

Phoebe Weiner ’18: Applying to the judicial board is one of the best decisions I have made at Middlebury. The board has given me the opportunity to work with faculty and fellow students in a vital decision making process. Through my experience, I have developed insight and gained maturity. The board has allowed me to learn about the value of objectivity and commitment. Serving as a member has also taught me about empathy, fairness, and my own personal ethics. I now understand how integral a judicial process is to a supportive college community.

James Burke ’17: The Judicial Board is an important piece of the process of upholding Middlebury’s standards. Whether we’re talking about academic or community standards, the Judicial Board plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the judicial process. For individuals, the opportunity to serve on the board is an opportunity to get involved in something outside the realm of typical activities. You get the opportunity to work with other students, faculty, and staff in a truly unique process. Additionally, I have learned more about the judicial process and the standards the college is trying to maintain.

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