Dear Middlebury Community,

In this email we will address:

  • COVID-19 on Campus 
  • Student Testing Available This Week
  • Employee Testing Opportunities
  • Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who Have Tested Positive 
  • Early Departure from Campus
  • Prearrival and Arrival Testing Expectations for Winter Term
  • COVID-19 Booster Requirements

COVID-19 on Campus 

We received confirmation since our last update of 18 new cases of COVID-19 among students on campus, and one new employee case, for a total of 68 active student cases and two active employee cases. Please note that the numbers of active cases and students in isolation will fluctuate as some students either complete their isolation period, or safely move to off-campus locations with Health Services approval.

We administered 928 tests on Friday and 305 tests on Saturday. Students with COVID-19 have been experiencing mild symptoms with many having complete resolution in a few days. Contact tracing is underway, and anyone who is determined to be a close contact will be informed. We will update the COVID-19 reporting dashboard with new information. 

Finals continue remotely, and in-person indoor events are postponed or conducted in remote formats. The Campus Status page has the latest details on operations and COVID-19 protocols. 

Student Testing Available This Week

COVID-19 testing is available for students today through Thursday, from noon to 3 p.m. at Virtue Field House. We continue to add new appointments as needed, so students should check back if they were not initially able to make an appointment. 

Asymptomatic Students

Students who are not experiencing symptoms may make appointments via the Bookings link for testing at Virtue Field House. These students do not need to wait for test results prior to leaving campus but should continue to use standard mitigation precautions. Negative results will be emailed to them as usual. Students who receive a positive test result will be contacted by Health Services.

Symptomatic Students

Students who are experiencing symptoms should self-isolate, wear a well-fitting face covering at all times, and immediately contact Health Services at 802-443-3290,, or self-schedule on the student health portal to arrange for testing. 

Symptomatic students awaiting test results should delay campus departure until they have a negative test result, unless they can drive directly to a safe location and isolate until they get a negative test result. Students who test positive and can safely isolate themselves at home or another location are allowed to drive directly to that location in most cases, with approval from Health Services.

Employee Testing Opportunities

The Vermont Department of Health has expanded local testing options with hundreds of additional PCR and rapid antigen test slots through Wednesday. The additional testing slots are available in their test reservation system. In addition to state-run sites, testing appointments are available through healthcare providers and pharmacies.

Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who Have Tested Positive 

The Vermont Department of Health now asks that anyone who has conducted a home test and receives a positive result report that information to the Department of Health using the form on this page. Health Services notifies the Vermont Department of Health regarding positive student test results reported to the College. It is important that students who test outside the College report their positive results to Health Services. 

In addition, students and employees who are exposed, symptomatic, or who have tested positive for COVID-19 can find information on our webpage with detailed instructions based on vaccination status. We encourage you to review this information so you are familiar with our protocols and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance. 

Early Departure from Campus 

As a reminder, students who are able to leave campus and travel to their break destination early should do so. Students are asked to complete this form as they leave campus. Students who must remain on campus for travel reasons (such as if a flight is already booked) may stay and will need to follow mitigation measures. Students approved to remain on campus through the break will receive additional information about break expectations. 

Students and families with questions about early departure may call 802-443-4000 and leave a message, and a College representative will return their call. 

Prearrival and Arrival Testing Expectations for Winter Term

As we begin to prepare for winter term, we can share that we will be requiring both prearrival tests and arrival testing for all students. Students will need to show documentation of a prearrival PCR/NAAT test taken within five days of their arrival when they report for mandatory Day 0 testing on campus. We will provide more information early next week.

COVID-19 Booster Requirements

If they are eligible, students are strongly encouraged to secure booster shots over the break to ensure that our community is fully protected as soon as possible. As previously announced, Middlebury requires all students, faculty, and staff who are eligible to receive COVID-19 booster shots by February 14, 2022, unless they have an approved medical or religious exemption. This aligns with our COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements policy and is based on evidence that vaccines provide the best protection against all forms of the virus.

Appointments for vaccination and boosters are available through the state, pharmacies, and individual healthcare providers. A list of clinics is available on the Vermont Department of Health website, where individuals may search by town or county.

All students, faculty, and staff should retain a copy of their booster record. Students may upload their record via the Student Health Portal. Employees may upload booster documentation via the SentryMD portal, and will receive confirmation of the upload after doing so.

Thank you again for all you are doing to keep our community as healthy and safe as possible during the final days of the semester. You may write to us with questions at


Mark Peluso

Chief Health Officer and College Physician

Smita Ruzicka

Vice President for Student Affairs