Dear Faculty and Staff, 

We are writing with some updates and important reminders about our transition to summer programs and the arrival period beginning in mid-June at Middlebury College. 

Today we launched a Summer 2021 Guide and website with all of the details about programs and activities on campus, including arrival procedures, and expectations for faculty, staff, and students living and working on campus. We encourage you to read through the guide to gain a better understanding of summer operations. The latest guidelines are posted on the Campus Status webpage.

We will host approximately 1,000 Language Schools students, 300 faculty, and about 187 student employees, researchers, and those completing internships throughout the summer. 

Summer will be a period of transition, and we will have tighter protocols in place at least through early July, until the vast majority of faculty, staff, and students on campus are vaccinated. We will adjust requirements according to the state of Vermont, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Vermont OSHA requirements. More information is available on the Campus Status webpage, the Summer Guide, and in workplace exposure control plans and SafeColleges training. 

Summer Arrival Testing

We will conduct COVID-19 arrival testing and PCR test approval for summer program participants at the Arrival Center at Virtue Field House starting on June 17. Day 0, Day 3 or 4, and Day 7 testing will continue through July 1. A full testing schedule for arrival week is available in the Summer Guide. Participation in arrival testing will be determined by vaccination status, international travel status, and by whether an individual had a COVID-19 infection within the past 90 days. If individuals are not fully vaccinated or have traveled internationally, proof of a negative PCR test must be shown at the arrival center within 72 hours of travel. 

We have discontinued the targeted dynamic testing program and will not resume it unless conditions change significantly. Also, instead of posting test results on the COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard, we will report any positive cases or clusters of cases via College email and our Announcements page. 

Vaccination Deadlines

As a reminder, summer program participants and others living, working, or studying on campus must be fully vaccinated by June 10 except in special approved circumstances. Individuals who cannot access an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to arrival must contact Molly Baker if they are a Language Schools student. Others must contact their supervisor or the Dean of Students office. We are currently working on a vaccination documentation system and will share more information once it becomes available.

Visitor Policy Remains in Effect

During the transition period, our visitor policy continues, with only limited Admissions tours and approved vendors allowed on campus. Portions of the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) that run through campus, and the Ralph Myhre Golf Course remain open to the public. We anticipate that the athletics complex and cardio area in Kenyon Arena will be open for use by fully vaccinated students and employees at some point this summer, and the latest guidelines will be published on the Campus Status website. 

Community Respect

As a reminder, well-fitting face coverings are required indoors except when alone in a private space or work area, when eating or drinking with distance from others, or when attending to personal hygiene in a bathroom. Face coverings are not required outdoors except in crowded spaces or when it is otherwise not possible to distance from others. Individuals should carry a mask with them so they are prepared if one is needed.

We recognize that some employees and students may wish to continue to follow health and safety measures that have been part of daily life throughout the pandemic. We ask that you respect and support one another’s decisions.

Thank you for your attention to these updates and for all you are doing to support or participate in summer programs and activities.


Stephen Snyder

Dean of Language Schools and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Derek Doucet

Dean of Students