The Disability Resource Center provides the following auxiliary aids and services accommodations.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter services, such as American Sign Language, Signed English, or Oral Interpreting services of professional, certified sign language interpreters will be provided by the Disability Resource Center (DRC) on the basis describe below for all course related activities (e.g., class sessions, meetings with faculty, or required attendance at out-of-class related activities), when the provision of such services is determined to be a reasonable accommodation. Documentation of the need for such services must be provided to the ADA Coordinators, and requests for interpreters must be made at least one month before classes begin, due to the limited availability of interpreters. Availability of professional interpreters could prevent or complicate the provision of interpreter services.

Interpreter services may also be provided for campus-wide events when feasible, and if such services are requested in a timely fashion. A written justification for the request must be submitted to the ADA Coordinators.


Students who are eligible for funding for interpreter services from the vocational rehabilitation agency in their home state are encouraged to seek such funding for class interpretation. If such funding is unavailable, if the student does not wish to seek it, or if the full cost of funding is not available through the state, Middlebury will assume the differential expense or expense of interpreter services for the course-related activities of matriculated students. Interpreter costs for campus events are the responsibility of the sponsoring department or group and should be budgeted in event planning.

Qualifying students will ordinarily be provided with one interpreter for classes less than two hours in duration. For classes two hours or more in duration, two interpreters will ordinarily be provided. Interpreters working alone in classes over one hour in duration must be provided at least a ten minute break mid-session by the faculty. Faculty may need to take such break time into consideration in course planning. When possible students and instructors should plan meeting times and discussion group sessions immediately before or after classes when interpreters are available. The ADA Coordinators will provide faculty with information about the interpreting process before each semester.

Note-Taker/Scribe Services

Note-takers from among the other students enrolled in a course will be sought to assist students with motor, hearing, emotional, processing, or other disabilities, when the provision of such service is determined by the DRC to be a reasonable accommodation. The arrangements will be made by the ADA Coordinators and the note-takers will be introduced confidentially to the student for whom the service is provided. Middlebury will provide the note-taker with compensation in consideration of the services rendered. The DRC will also arrange for the provision of scribes for course examinations, when such services are requested in a timely manner, and when such services have been determined by the DRC to be a reasonable accommodation.

Where a particular accommodation results in a verbatim transcription of a classroom lecture or presentation, students should recognize that such lectures or presentations are the intellectual property of the individual professor, Middlebury, and/or both, and that the copying, publication, or distribution of transcripts to anyone, without prior written approval of the institution and the professor, is prohibited.

Reader Services

Reader services will be provided for students with reading, visual, visual processing, or other disabilities, when deemed a reasonable accommodation. Textbooks in audio formats, when available, will be supplied from national alternative format libraries or will be created by paid student workers. When appropriate, students will be provided with readers for exams, when requested in a timely manner. Arrangements will be made by the course instructor and the DRC and will be paid for by the DRC.

Tutoring Service

Middlebury does not provide individual tutorial assistance tailored to the specific needs of students with learning disabilities or other disabilities. Middlebury does provide peer tutors through Learning Resources for the benefit of all students, with and without disabilities. Auxiliary services such as interpreters, etc., will be provided in connection with a student’s use of peer tutoring if deemed by the DRC to be a reasonable accommodation.


Middlebury will provide reasonable modifications of equipment for use by students for class and study activities. Auxiliary equipment needed by students for classroom use will be made available upon request to the ADA Coordinators when such aids are determined to be a reasonable accommodation. Personal equipment such as tape recorders, hearing aids, etc., are the responsibility of the student.