The Department of Public Safety has the responsibility of responding to, and summoning the necessary resources, to mitigate, investigate, and document any situation that may cause a significant emergency or dangerous situation.

The Department of Public Safety has the responsibility to respond to such incidents and to determine if the situation does in fact pose a threat to the community.  If that is the case, Federal Law requires that the institution immediately notify the campus community or the appropriate segments of the community that may be affected by the situation. 

Adding/Changing Contact Information in RAVE

In the event of an emergency notification, the Department of Public Safety may use Rave to send a message to College community members. 


In order to receive a cell phone call or SMS message, you must enter your cell phone number in BannerWeb. Follow these instructions to add your cell phone to Banner:

  • Log into Banner Web:
  • Select: Personal Information
  • Select: Update cell phone for emergency communications
  • While in the Banner Personal Information section, it may also be a good time to update Emergency Contacts.

Faculty and Staff

In order to receive a cell phone call or SMS message, you must enter your cell phone number in Oracle Cloud. Follow these instructions to add your cell phone to Oracle:

  • Log into Oracle: Oracle Cloud
  • Select: Personal Information
  • Select: Contact Info
  • Update: Campus/Work number and Cell/Mobile number

In order to recognize the email, phone call or text message from Rave, please note important sender information.

  • A message sent to e-mail will have the following sender information: Midd Alert []
  • A message sent to cell phones will display the following number: 802-388-0409
  • An SMS (text message) from RAVE will display the sender as 672-83 and/or  The message will begin with Midd Alert.

These numbers should be added to your cell phone contact list.

Emergency Web Alert System (MiddAlert)

The Emergency Web Alert System was created to assist with the rapid dissemination of emergency information to members of the campus community and the general public. The Emergency Web Alert System is comprised of two distinct parts.

  1. In the event of an emergency, authorized administrators can activate emergency notifications on the College’s primary website, These notifications may display information or redirect to
  2. is a high-availability website, hosted by Google that is used by authorized administrators to post current information about emergency situations at the College. is not dependent on the College’s IT infrastructure in any way.

It is important to note that ENS messages reference as the source for updates about emergency situations at the College.

Thorguard Lightning Warning System

A Thorguard Lightning Warning System has been installed at the College Golf Course. The system operates from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. each day.

If the system detects lightning in a 2 mile radius, the warning horn at the Golf Course and Youngman Field will sound once and the lights will begin to flash at the following locations:

  • Golf Course
  • Youngman Field
  • Dragone Track
  • Baseball Diamond
  • Athletic fields
  • Proctor Tennis Courts
  • Atwater Tennis Courts

When the threat of lightning has passed, the warning horn will sound three short blasts and the lights will stop flashing.