The Climate Crisis Is an Issue of Justice

While topics of justice are foundational to many of the ideas around Energy2028, and the College is grappling with questions of justice, anti-racism, and inclusivity across the board, justice must be a throughline that is deeply woven into all aspects of this work. That means that we need to do more than initially outlined. We need to think about and act on how each pillar relates to justice, who is involved and how decisions are made, and how we communicate.

There‚Äôs More Work to be Done

Acknowledging the history of the land we occupy and building deep and meaningful ties with indigeous communities is another integral part of this work. All of this involves continuing to adapt our priorities in meaningful ways. It also means that we see the need for justice to be a core element of all efforts, rather than separated out as its own siloed pillar. While you may see some mentions of connections to justice in our most recent updates and throughout this site, it is important to note that there is still much to be done.

Join Us

A key (but certainly not the only) component of this is an active in-process collaboration between the Environmental Council, the Climate Action Capacity Project, and a variety of active students focused on developing a comprehensive set of recommendations and frameworks for integrating justice throughout Energy2028 efforts. We welcome your participation in helping to shape this vital work and hope to dive into more of these issues during Earth Week 2021 and beyond. Email us at