Monday, April 29, 2024

  • Middlebury College Quadball Practice

    Join Club Quadball for weekly practice. Find us at Battell Beach.  All are welcome regardless of identity and skill level. Hope to see you there.

    Battell Beach

  • YOUPOWER Spin Class

    Free 45-minute student-led indoor spin classes! These classes take place in the FIC building, room 127. Shoes and equipment are provided. Sign up for classes at go/youpower or using the MINDBODY app. 

    YouPower Spinning Room

  • Abortion Access and Reproductive Policy: Good Talks 2024

    The US abortion debate is often framed as a binary between pro-life and pro-choice, but according to a 2022 Pew Research Center poll, relatively few Americans take absolutist positions.

    In this Good Talks event, Professor Caitlin Myers will offer a brief history and overview of abortion access and reproductive policy, with attention to dynamics in Vermont. Attendees will then join structured small group discussions, followed by a plenary Q&A. Refreshments provided.

    Franklin Environmental Center, The Orchard-Hillcrest 103

    Open to the Public
  • CrossFit Middlebury Class

    Crossfit Middlebury hosts 1 hour workouts open to all students. Crossfit is “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement” — a mix of gymnastics, weightlifing, and cardio. Beginners welcome! Fall classes will meet in Nelson Half Dome.   Follow our instagram for more information - @crossfitmiddlebury!

    Memorial Field House Nelson Multi-Use Area

  • Cycling Group Ride

    Group rides leave from ADK at 4:45 Monday through Thursday. Come join us for your next ride!

    Off Campus

  • Identification, Polarization, and Their Behavioral Consequences.

    The Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs program on Global Economics presents “Identification, Polarization, and Their Behavioral Consequences” with Luca Henkel, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago and University of CEMA.

    Virtual Middlebury

    Open to the Public
  • Middlebury College Rugby Club Weekly Meeting

    This is the weekly meeting for members of the Middlebury College Rugby Club. Students interested in joining the MCRC should attend this meeting to meet leadership and team members. Each meeting will cover the weeks’ practice schedule, events, and upcoming competitions.

    Axinn Center 100

  • Debate Society Biweekly Practice

    Middlebury Debate Society’s biweekly meeting and debate practice. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to come to any meeting, and we would be happy to show you the ropes. No experience required!

    Munroe 317

  • West African Dance and Drum Class

    A rich taste of African culture that provides amazing, vigorous, high energy, and powerful movement. Let the beat of the drum move your body. Participants will learn songs, rhythms, dances, and culture as we embark on a journey of dances from the African diaspora.
    Class is accompanied by live musicians to help participants understand the communication between the music and the dance.

    Open to students, faculty, staff and community members age 13 and up!

    No credit. Attend one or all classes!

    Mondays 5:00 to 6:30 PM

    Middlebury College

    Open to the Public
  • Inferno Pilates with Kate Goodman

    Join Kate for a 60-minute Pilates class. Mats will be provided to those that need them.

    Forest West Basement Activity Space (031)

  • YOUPOWER Spin Class

    Free 45-minute student-led indoor spin classes! These classes take place in the FIC building, room 127. Shoes and equipment are provided, you will receive PE credit for this class.  Sign up for classes at go/youpower or using the MINDBODY app. 

    YouPower Spinning Room

  • Drop-in Korean Drumming

    Drop-in to learn to play the traditional Korean percussion genre samulnori. Samulnori blends traditional Korean rhythms into dynamic pieces using four Korean percussion instruments: janggu (hourglass drum), buk (barrel drum), jing (large gong), and ggwaenggwari (small gong). Participants will start by learning technique and basic rhythms and progress to more complex rhythms and sequences. No experience needed!

    The Bunker (FIC 121)

    Open to the Public
  • Feminist Action at Middlebury Weekly Meeting

    Feminist Action at Middlebury (FAM) is a club at Middlebury College that welcomes people of identities to explore intersectional feminist activism in a positive, fun, and inclusive environment.

    Chellis Living Room/Seminar Room

    Closed to the Public
  • The artist playing an instrument

    Storytelling in Chinese Music from the Ancient Past through Modern Times

    In this presentation, master pipa player Gao Hong will introduce the audience to the storytelling aspects of Chinese music spanning the ages through 2000-year-old traditional pipa music and 21-century new music formats. She will open her presentation with a performance of traditional pipa music, including a 100-year-old piece that was recently reconstructed and a wide array of storytelling pieces in different performance styles taught to her by the 6th-generation definitive Pudong school master Lin Shicheng.

    Mahaney Arts Center, Olin C. Robison Concert Hall

    Open to the Public