COVID-19: Essential Information

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Before submitting an event request, please consult the Return to Campus Guide and understand the current restrictions on in-person events.

To the fullest extent possible, student organizations, faculty, and staff meetings and events should occur through a virtual format.

The campus is currently subject to restrictions of the Vermont Governor's 11/13/20 executive order.


Please do not use the Event Reservation Request form to request changes to a previously scheduled event (i.e. date, time, location, or resources).

Email Event Management at: Be kind to your event scheduler and include the Event Reference code (example: 2020-ABCDEF) or the event name, date, time and location with your change request. For changes or updates to event descriptions posted on the campus Calendar of Events, please use the Calendar Posting Request Form.

Contact Course Scheduling in the Registrar's Office for all courses, regular class meetings, changes to academic room assignments or lecture/lab/discussion/screening meeting times, all final exam scheduling, and make-up classes. E-mail: Scheduling, Course (

Presently, in alignment with our Return to Campus guidelines, the College is not accepting applications for use of the College Park.

A Middlebury College user name and password are required to access these forms: