Event Guidance

Space availability and resource limitations frame what events can be scheduled and how best to manage them within these constraints. Please be prepared to work with the Department of Event Management in re-envisioning your event to minimize impact on resources and to evaluate space considerations.

Please note that we are unable to reserve space more than 8 months in advance, and event requests are not processed until the course schedule is confirmed for the applicable term. We are typically able to begin scheduling events for:

  • fall term - in early May
  • winter and spring terms - in early December 
  • summer / Language Schools - in early June


Course-Related Requests

Event Management schedules only ad hoc academic activities and nonacademic events organized by academic departments.

Contact Course Scheduling at schedc@middlebury.edu regarding course times and room assignments, additional rooms during class time, make-up classes, and final exams.

Changes to Previously Scheduled Events

Please do not use the Event Reservation Request form to request changes to a previously scheduled event (i.e., date, time, location, or resources).

Email Event Management at sched@middlebury.edu. Be kind to your event scheduler and include the following with your change request:

  • Event Reference code (example: 2020-ABCDEF), OR
  • Event name, date, time and location.

To change an event description posted on the campus Calendar of Events, please use the Event Calendar Update Form.

Park Use Application

Middlebury College intends the College Park as a place for community.

Non-College community members: Please download the Park Use Application, review the terms of use, and submit to the Middlebury College Department of Event Management. 

College community members: Please review the College Park section of our policy for Specialized Venues and submit a request for park use via the Event Reservation Request Form.