Sunday, August 15, 2021

  • Bread Loaf Lecture Series: “Charisma and Characterization" with Charles Baxter

    What makes us fixate on a character so that we cannot look away? What causes a character to have power over us? Why do such people make us think about them? This is an immensely important and difficult topic, especially in these times, and I would like to talk about such characters as Morrison’s Sula, Melville’s Ahab, Dostoevsky’s Stavrogin, and possibly one of Shakespeare’s characters as “magnetic personalities.”

    Virtual Middlebury

    Admission: $25
    Open to the Public

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  • Bread Loaf Lecture Series: “Debut Books of Poetry: Notes on Sounding Like Yourself”

    You’ve immersed in flow, process, form, revision, workshop, submissions, and now—what will/could all that creative and administrative energy add up to? What are the hallmarks, conventions, and pitfalls of the debut collection? How can a book “sound like” its author? This talk explores the elements of and issues around the debut poetry collection, both in contemporary literary history and in current publishing practices—and is meant to inform, inspire, and challenge those poets working on their first manuscripts.

    Virtual Middlebury

    Admission: $25
    Open to the Public

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