Before you begin any work with rDNA, you must submit a registration form to the IBC at


If the chair determines that a full application is required, investigators must also complete this training module and deliver a certificate of completion to the IBC at

  • Go to the CITI training site.
  • Create an account, if you’re not already registered with CITI, and log in. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of Middlebury courses.
  • If the biosafety courses are not shown in your list, click on Add a Course or Update Learner Groups under My Learner Tools for Middlebury College.
  • On the next page, check Yes, I need/want to take the course on Biosafety and click the big blue Next button. The course list should now contain two courses: one for IBC members and one for student and faculty PIs.
  • Click on the course for student and faculty PIs and complete the modules at your convenience.

Guidance from NIH

Biosafety Resources