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Finding jobs and internships through the MiddCORE mentor network 

During MiddCORE immersion, you will work closely with over 40 mentors from diverse backgrounds and industries. This unique experience provides you with the opportunity to showcase your talents, demonstrate your work ethic, and explore new career paths with a variety of MiddCORE mentors.

Scott Kiernan

Scott worked with MiddCORE mentor Charlie MacCormack to obtain an internship with Save the Children.

“I am grateful to MiddCORE for introducing me to Google, which I did not realize was as much an advertising company as a technology company. Not only did I learn about Google job opportunities through MiddCORE but the relationships I built with Midd alum working at Google during this course have been an invaluable piece of my early career.”

Jamie Herther is a global product expert at Google.

98% felt they could approach strategic challenges in new, creative ways
94% developed skills and confidence to be successful in the workplace
91% felt MiddCORE was their most important undergraduate experience

Ben Pasco-Anderson

Ben completed an internship with the Oakland Raiders.

“Being a part of an NFL organization was a dream come true and was an opportunity that came from a connection gained through MiddCORE.”

Moving from the MiddCORE Innovation Challenge to Reality

MiddCORE immersion teaches students how to identify, validate, and persuasively communicate their ideas through the innovation-idea challenge. Although very few students enter MiddCORE with an innovative idea in mind, many students leave MiddCORE and turn their newfound idea into a reality. 

1 in 5 students pursued their innovation challenge after MiddCORE

Garrett Weinstein launches TravelEZ

Garrett Weinstein came to MiddCORE without an innovation idea, but after meeting MiddCORE mentor Roy Tuscany, the founder and CEO of High Fives Foundation he started to think of how he could help others with disabilities. That is where TravelEZ was born, a crowdsourced accessibility features database to make it easier for disabled bodies to know the accessibility of a restaurant before they arrive. Garrett launched his proof of concept site in NYC in November 2019 and already has over 100 users and 500 reviews, and people are sharing stories about how it has helped them. He’s planning to launch in Boston in January 2020 with the support of Spaulding Rehab Hospital and the United Spinal Organization. Garrett is in his first-round financing to develop the TravelEZ app. if you are interested in investing please contact Garrett Weinstein directly.

MiddCORE has had a positive impact on me and the start of my “adult life”. Beyond the amazing memories I have thanks to that summer, I learned some amazing lessons and even met some people, that have helped guide me to where I am today. I really appreciate the people and experiences I had thanks to the program. 

94% enhanced their ability to collaborate with others
95% felt prepared to be more confident leaders
91% better understood their strengths and weaknesses

Kevin Chu continues with Sprinticity

Kevin started Sprinticity, a sprint-based track club that brings together people of different ages and cultural backgrounds to compete in track and field events. It was highlighted by local TV station WCAX. 

I am still blown away by the quality and quantity of the mentors, and the dedication of the MiddCORE staff to put everything together. My fellow peers blew away all of my expectations – the work ethic, integrity and passion that each individual contributed created an inviting environment that challenged me intellectually and emotionally. 

Kathleen Elkins, senior reporter for CNBC 

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