Use the form linked at the bottom of this page to request RCGA sponsorship/cosponsorship for single lectures. For conferences, please email the following to Mark Williams and Charlotte Tate: (1) program description, (2) tentative schedule, (3) estimated budget, (4) anticipated funding sources and amounts.

The form is a Middlebury-only form, so you will need to log in (in the left-hand column) with your name and password as you do when you log onto your computer. Doing so automatically populates the name and email boxes. The form should be fully completed before being submitted.

Honorarium guidelines: During these times of COVID restrictions and College belt-tightening, the RCGA will not sponsor/cosponsor any event in which the honorarium for an individual exceeds $500.

RCGA avoids cosponsoring conflicting events. Before submitting a proposal, please check the College Events Calendar and the RCGA Events Calendar.

When choosing a lecture date, please keep in mind regularly scheduled College events such as faculty meetings and academic recesses.

The form should be fully completed before submitting.

Event Proposal Form

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