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The Rohatyn Global Scholars program brings select first-year students together to explore, accelerate, and deepen their understanding of complex global issues. It also positions Scholars to appreciate the full range of global educational and professional opportunities that a Middlebury experience offers.

Through a series of interactive events, RGS helps foster self-discovery, social engagement, and critical inquiry into global challenges and opportunities. In the process, it shapes Scholars’ understanding of the world and equips them with a global mindset that will enhance whatever majors they may ultimately declare.

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  • belonging to a select community of engaged learners
  • acquiring a global mindset prior to declaring a major
  • learning about and engaging with complex global issues
  • developing skills, academic interests, and professional foundations 
  • leveraging knowledge into academic and professional opportunities
  • becoming certified as a Rohatyn Global Scholar

Yes, if you are interested in…

  • a range of global issues
  • social, racial, and environmental justice at home and abroad
  • how societies, cultures, and global politics help create and solve global issues
  • solutions to global challenges that your generation cares about
  • taking your Middlebury education as far as it can go

Yes, if you want to…

  • make sense of a complex world
  • learn about diverse global/international academic and career paths
  • acquire effective communication skills
  • enhance your critical thinking abilities
  • converse with experts who dedicate their professional lives to solving specific global issues
  • learn to approach global problems with a solutionist mindset
  • be part of an inclusive, inspiring, and fun community
  • Rohatyn Global Fellows for Middlebury sophomores, juniors and seniors
  • graduate courses at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS) while at Middlebury College
  • study away at MIIS with the possibility of enrolling in a fast-track master’s degree
  • paid research assistantships (MIIS, RCGA, CNS)
  • paid internships on and off campus (RGGA: help organize small student group discussions, social gatherings, and receptions with visitors/faculty for the RGS program)
  • peer mentoring incoming First Year Scholars on a voluntary basis
  • participation in the Student Spring Symposium


Applications for the Rohatyn Global Scholars program will be open in early September. Please submit your name and email here to be notified.

Various photos of Rohatyn Global Scholars students

Through a commitment to immersive learning, we prepare students to lead engaged, consequential, and creative lives, contribute to their communities, and address the world’s most challenging problems.

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